Welcome to the home of LPH Strategies where strategic Life Coaching and Personal Development empowers you, to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE… a successful life of happiness, meaning and purpose. Hi, I’m Sandy, your transformational life coach and mentor  🙂

We are all on a journey. My dream is to walk a while with you on yours. Through my professional training and own life experiences, I have the insight and empathy to understand the journey you are on and the guidance you need. My aim is to help you transform your life into a beautiful one…to guide you to a better, brighter future… so you can make the rest of your life amazing.

The Life Mastery and Personal Empowerment Programs help you rediscover your talents, strengths and passion for life. They build on what is already good in your life. There is no dwelling on negatives, the past or your problems.  It’s all about focusing on the positives, thus uplifting your emotions, thoughts and behaviour….. moving you onwards and upwards to excellence.

“Through positive actions… you WILL thrive”

The Coaching Program is there to work through certain challenges you may be facing. Be it managing stress, gaining more confidence and improving your self-esteem, working through sad patches of your life to help you get your mojo back or coping with the grief and loss of a loved one…. I want to be there to motivate and guide you through the difficult processes, so that you can start living a beautiful life.

You have the potential for greatness. Learn how to SHINE !




Our offices are in Pinetown, Durban, KZN, South Africa. We can however meet you at your favourite coffee shop for a coffee and chat.