ONE to ONE Consultations 

❄When you want to get things off your chest
❄When you want to improve your life but don’t know where to start
❄When you know you’ll leave feeling better


 LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE – Life Mastery program  

You have the right to be happy ?
You CAN turn things right around
Don’t settle for an unhappy, stressful life

 #Create a harmonious life
#Find out why you do what you do
#Find your strengths
#Turn things around
#Spring clean your thinking
and more


 JUMP START your Year  

(One on One Courses that run through out the year)

*Set your year up so it’s the best year ever *Lets help you refocus
*Lets bring back the excitement & fun *

Make this YOUR year
Lets inspire and guide you
Lets empower and motivate you
Lets help you reach your full potential
Lets see you living your best life  *Lets see you having a wonderful YEAR




 Strategic Personal Empowerment Coaching & Mentorship program 

  • Finding the BALANCE and your ZEST for life
  • Ways to live your DREAMS…live your best life
  • Set your flight path to achieve success
  • Find YOUR intrinsic motivation….your driving force/s
  • Spring CLEAN your thinking
  • Turn your HAPPY switch on
  • Find your PURPOSE
  • Determine what makes you UNIQUE
  • Become your best, most authentic SELF
  • Bridging the gap
  • Break old habits
  • Be the HERO of your Life Story
  • Re-construct the Road Map of your Life


 Life Coaching & Counselling 

  • Managing Stress
  • Been retrenched ? Need some advice
  • Gain more confidence and improve your self -esteem
  • Feeling down ? Let’s help you get your Mojo back
  • Grief,  Loss and Life Transitions
  • Empty Nest Syndrome